Top Tips for getting Car Insurance if you are a Convicted Driver

After receiving a driving conviction, whether it’s for driving a vehicle with no insurance, a traffic violation or any of the other numerous driving convictions, you will now face higher Car insurance premiums, and likely have difficulty finding a competitive quote. This will be the case whether you’re returning from a ban or have simply been on the receiving end of a couple of driving fines (though the more serious the conviction, the higher the premium you’ll have to pay, and the more difficulty you’ll have in getting cover). Whilst some people who have a driving conviction attached to their driving licence may try and get away with driving a vehicle with no insurance, most sensible convicted drivers will do the right thing and seek a cheap Convicted Driver quote.

Don’t Go Without Convicted Driver Insurance

Having at least Third Party Only cover is a legal requirement; the worst thing you could do is start driving a vehicle with no insurance, due to the high costs of Car insurance following a driving ban or driving fine. Whilst it still might be hard to find a competitive quote for Car insurance compared to the insurance premiums you were facing before your driving licence was endorsed with points, you still need to get Convicted Driving insurance. Getting caught driving a vehicle with no insurance could see you slapped with a driving ban, making it even harder for you to get a cheap Convicted Driver quote in the future.

Complete a Rehabilitation Course

Many motorists who have received a driving ban, driving fine or driving convictions of any sort, can sometimes be offered a rehabilitation course in one form or another. For some drivers who have been caught for contravening traffic violations such as speeding, it can often be a legal requirement that they take a speed awareness course as part of their punishment. Motorists who have received a driving ban related to drink or drug offences, may be referred to rehabilitation courses. Successfully completing rehabilitation courses can often help people with a driving conviction find a competitive quote for their Convicted Driver insurance.

Change Your Car

One of the best top tips for convicted drivers, especially those with powerful and expensive-to-insure vehicles, is definitely change your car. If you’re returning from a driving ban it can be exciting getting into your pride and joy after getting your driving licence back from the DVLA. However, you should seriously think about what car you are going to insure on your Convicted Driver insurance. For someone with driving convictions, just like a young or newly qualified driver, the type of car you drive can drastically affect the insurance premiums offered to you. If you want a cheap convicted driver quote then finding a new car may be the route you need to take.

Stick with Convicted Driver Insurance

You may have been driving fine since your convictions were added to your driving licence, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a Convicted Driving insurance policy. Even if your driving convictions were sustained three years ago, they will not be classed as spent on your driving licence until at least four years has passed. This means that whatever your conviction, whether it is a traffic violation or something else, you’ll still need Convicted Driving insurance, and therefore will need to find a cheap Convicted Driver quote. This is because regular Car insurance companies may still refuse to offer you a competitive quote on their Car insurance premiums.


Getting a competitive quote for Car insurance can be a lengthy process at the best of times, and adding driving convictions into the mix just raises the insurance premiums, thus extending an already lengthy procedure. This is why, as someone with driving convictions looking for Car insurance, you should seriously consider taking out a Convicted Driving insurance policy. For some convicted drivers, and those who don’t want to pay thousands of pounds for cover, it could be the only way of getting back on the road. Once you decide that you do want to get a Convicted Driver insurance policy, then your next step to take is to find a reputable, specialist insurance company that offers insurance premiums that suit your budget.